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TEMIC based upon the foundation of pioneering technologies, application domain know-how, and our efficient customer service experience established in Taiwan, TEMIC has won the trust and continuous adoption of customers in various industries.

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    Micro Inspection System

    Based on the core technology of electron microscop, the new MIS product series includes: tabletop EARTH - tabletop electron microscope for both solid and liquid samples, MARS – customized microscope for non-destructive analysis of large objects (Taiwan Excellence Award 2021), and MERCURY – instrument Excelsior for observation of liquid and special materials (the 17th National Innovation Award, Excelsior Award).

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    Functional Options

    TEMIC provides optionalmultiple functional functions including elemental analysis, wethydrated/liquid sample analysis, fluid/temperature control, precisione positioning, automatic analysis and as well as sputter coater and other pretreatment equipment, and can be upgraded and customized according to customer demands.

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    Intelligent Analysis

    The algorithm development team of TEMIC can provide advanced analysis functions and customized user interface according to the characteristic of target sample and defect type, and help customers obtain quantitative indicators to improve product quality.

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We focus on your analysis demands and provide comprehensive solutions integrating software and hardware.

TEMIC provides professional, customized, and intelligent, electron microscopes (i-SEM®) as well as the full-service solution. With the innovative technology of non-destructive defect inspection of large components, and in-situ particle analysis of liquid slurry, it helps industrial customers increase analysis capability and improve product quality. TEMIC has become the pioneer of customized e-beam analysis system and gained the trust and continuous adoption of international semiconductor manufacturers and other leading customers.

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